Evaluation of the in-service training courses of the physical education, health and sports teachers in schools of T.R.N.C Ministry of Education


  • Deniz Erdağ Near East University, Faculty of Sport Sciences
  • Salih Adakan Near East University, Faculty of Sport Sciences




education, physical education, in service training, physical education health and sports teacher


This study aims to research opinion of physical education, health and sport lecturers on in-service training courses sufficiency. Lecturers from 165 schools in 6 districts of TRNC have participated to this research. The data has been collected from 63 female and 128 males, total of 191 lecturers. In this research, personal information form, “The Evaluation Scale of Physical Education Teachers' Self-Oriented In-Service Training Programs” developed by Avşar (2006) and Karasolak et al. (2013) SPSS 26.0 software was used for statistical analysis of the results. If independent variable consists of two groups, The Mann-Whitney U test was used and if it consists of three or more groups the Kruskal-Wallis H test was used.  As a result, when the data is analysed, it is seen that the opinions of the physical education teachers were partially taken while the in-service training activities were being prepared, therefore the organized teaching activities were insufficient to meet the needs and deficiencies. It is understood that there are lack of technology usage, measurement and evaluation, adolescent psychology and the needs of students with disabilities during the courses. It is understood that the conditions of the places where the courses are held (educational content used, technological, physical and other infrastructure conditions) are partially sufficient.

Author Biography

Salih Adakan, Near East University, Faculty of Sport Sciences

Master Thesis Student