Act of Altruism in Nicola Davies’ Whale Boy


  • E. G. Jithin Jenner
  • A. Noble Jebakumar



Altruism, Whale, Ocean, Ecology, Kinship, Literature, Ecocriticism


Eco-consciousness deals with the concern of human beings towards nature. Nature protects humans in all aspects unless they harm them. This act of selflessness is referred to as “altruism” in literature. Altruism is the literary term describing humanity or kindness. The kind behaviour of nature is characterised as a non-profitable aid to humans. There won't be any expectations, yet kindness will be expressed in a natural way. According to ethology, altruistic behaviour can be found in humans and animals. It is merely distinguished as a kinship between the two different groups. The novel Whale Boy deals with the behavioural attitudes of a whale and a boy. Nicola Davies, an English zoologist and author, described the kind behaviour of a wild creature towards humans. The novel centers on Michael Fontaine, a young boy who wants to go whale-watching and fishing in the deep ocean off the coast of his island. Nicola Davis
focuses on marine wildlife and the issue of whaling and conservation. This article relates to the relationship between Michael and the whale. Thus, through the act of altruism, the article attempts to reflect the kinship between whales and humans.