The possibility of applying the international standard (ISO 10006:2017) To manage the quality of the project in the Directorate of the municipality of Dhuluiya


  • Fadheelah Salman Dawood
  • Ammar Farouk Ahmed



project management, project management quality system, international standard.


The research seeks the possibility of applying the international standard (ISO 10006: 2017) in one of the projects of the Directorate of Dhuluiya Municipality within Salah al-Din Governorate, including the project (the implementation of the Hawally road linking the concrete bridge and the floating bridge and paving streets in the district of Dhuluiya) in order to assess the extent of the application of the standard as A checklist was used as a main tool for research, in addition to personal interviews by adopting the descriptive approach, a case study. Those responsible for the project and the company executing the project were interviewed. The researcher reached the most important results, which is that the project quality plan clause of the specification has obtained the highest gap, followed by principles Quality management, project quality processes, and finally the context and project characteristics.