Online Learning Management in Covid-19 Pandemic: Case in Vietnam


  • Thu-Hien Nguyen Thai Nguyen University of Education
  • Thanh-Binh Nguyen Thai Nguyen University of Education, Vietnam
  • Phuong-Nhung Nguyen Institute of Information Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technologyv



The world is dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic, which has created enormous impacts on education, especially on learning management, requiring the adjustment and implementation of an online learning system effectively. The process of digital transformation has been promoted rapidly to adapt to new conditions in Education. Nowadays the online system has facilitated students of all levels to study at any time and anywhere owing to the development of technologies. However, the existence and limits of online teaching and learning have been mentioned such as the complicated implementation or limited communication of active teaching methods compared to an actual classroom. Therefore, innovative teaching strategies and models are now required to be more diverse to encourage learners to focus on the lesson. In this study, we proposed an optimal paradigm of online learning management which is the combination of several supported programs to effectively manage the teaching process. The approach has been applied to the Basic Informatics course for students majoring in Primary Education at the Thai Nguyen University of Education, Vietnam, and suggested a flexible approach to stimulate learners' enthusiasm, express opinions, and actively participate in activities for enhancing their achievements. In addition, the investigation and discussion from lecturers and students about the digital transformation challenges in learning management also were presented and proposed the necessary information for the educational process.