Organizational Systems Thinking and Professional Learning Community of Faculty Members of a Public Higher Education Institution in Region 02


  • Anderson Gonzales Cagayan State University - Carig Campus



Professional Learning COmmunity, Higher Education



This study determined the levels of organizational systems thinking (OST) and professional learning community (PLC) among faculty members.  Specifically, it examined the profile of the respondents, their levels of organizational systems thinking and professional learning community.   

          The researcher utilized mixed research design and the study was conducted at a public higher education institution in Region 02, Philippines. There were two hundred and ten (210) respondents of this study who were regular faculty members of CSU and have served five or more years in the university. The study used random-proportional sampling.  For the qualitative part of the study, Campus Executive Officers (CEOs) and college deans were the study participants.

          Descriptive statistics (frequency count, rank, percentage, and mean) was used to analyze the respondents’ profile and their level of OST and PLC.  Likewise, analysis of variance was used in examining the differences of OST and PLC.  For the predictors of campus organizational performance, discriminant analysis was utilized.  All analyses were tested at 0.05 level of significance using IBM SPSS. For the qualitative part, sequential explanatory design was utilized to analyze the factors explaining the quantitative result of the study through interview with the CEOs and select deans of different colleges in the campuses.