Intensive Training Programme for Pre-Service Teachers: An Intersectionality Perspective of an Israeli Rural Druse School


  • Yael Grinshtain Tel-Hai College
  • Hussein Salman The open University of Israel



Pre-Service Teachers, teacher training


The current research was aimed at describing an intensive training programme for pre-service teachers in a rural Druse school in Israel, and understanding how educators participating in the programme perceived collaboration and challenges during the programme. Twenty semi-structured interviews were conducted with educators (pre-service and in-service teachers, coordinator, teacher educator, and principal). Based on thematic analysis, three themes were identified: debate over co-teaching practices; pedagogical theoretical learning and its immediate implementation and reflection; deep and intensive mentorship. In addition, combinations between two axes - professional and organizational domains; and short-term vs. long-term perspectives – yielded four challenges. The professional domain in the short- and long-term was well established; however, the organizational domain remains unclear. Based on the intersectionality approach, the findings of the current study suggest that a combination of multiple social categories - rural space, and ethnic Druse group - create marginalized features that placed barriers for pre-service teachers.