The Role of Pronunciation-Focused Corrective Feedback in Learning Second Language Pronunciation


  • Hassan Qutub King Abdulaziz University



L2 Pronunciation, Corrective feedback, L2 speech technology, Second language acquisition, Teaching pronunciation


This paper aims at investigating the role of pronunciation-focused corrective feedback in learning second language pronunciation. The paper provides a systematic review of teaching pronunciation by highlighting issues discussed in the literature of L2 pronunciation, such as the importance of segmental and supra-segmental features, time devoted to teaching pronunciation, and learners’ first language background. It then moves to shed light on the effectiveness of corrective feedback in teaching pronunciation. This is followed by a discussion of the role of corrective feedback in teaching L2 pronunciation. After that the author presents ways in which technology can be used to provide pronunciation corrective feedback. Finally, a discussion of the different types of corrective feedback and their effectiveness is presented. The paper concludes by suggesting further research to investigate the effectiveness of different types of pronunciation-focused corrective feedback as well as the role of L2 speech technology in providing pronunciation-focused corrective feedback to L2 learners.