Outdoor Learning: the school and the world that surrounds it


  • Carlos Francisco de Sousa Reis Coimbra University


The purpose of this reflection is to articulate a methodology of teaching and learning with a value. The value chosen was peace and the methodology, for reasons that we will try to show later, "Outdoor Learning". We start by trying to show the nature of values as a structural quality. We also essay to show that, in our perspective, values are intensively and extensively infinite. In continuity, the meaning of the value of peace is exposed as referring to a phase of a process in helix by which a certain balance in the social field is reached. In particular, we propose that peace (cooperation phase) depends on the alignment of expectations (balance of) achieved with power. Hence any fissure between the expectations and the balance of powers contracted will be a cause for conflict. This means that there can be no true peace until there is justice. Since peace can not only be related to human beings, for there is a "other" that has long been neglected and, more than that, subjected to a predatory assault by humans, we refer to Nature, we must Consider it in our approach. This is what justifies the inclusion of "Outdoor Learning" methodology, as an indispensable formative way, either because it assists the urgent (re)naturalization of childhood, or because it could provide contact with Nature, which means it could be one of the best means to make us experience the value of peace.