Religious education and society's rooting project -A socio-historical approach to theoriginal éducation in Algeria


  • Dr.Siham Cherif Université d'Alger



Religious education, Original education, Rooted education, Religion, Algeria


Religious education represents a great ambition that has many issues, even in monotheistic societies that may solve their problem on their own by studying their religion according to their vision, but it is quite the opposite in the context of globalization. When societies were organized thanks to pluralism and social equality, and when modern technology penetrated minds, it was necessary to organize a new group of religious education that would be open to others with positivity and awareness. This factor alone is what makes teaching religious affairs in a modern way keep pace with modern challenges.In this study, we will try to learn about Algeria’s experience in establishing this type of education.

How were original education institutes established?

What are the programs and subjects included in them?

Was it able to keep pace with social changes?