GeAWeb: Virtual Learning Object for Analytic Geometry


  • Carlos Segura Vidal Universidad de Holguín
  • Ernesto Parra Inza Universidad de Holguín
  • Ronald Tamayo Cuenca Universidad de Holguín
  • Ricardo Abreu Blaya Universidad de Holguín


The objetive of the present research is the proposal of a Virtual Learning Object in order to reduce the shortcomings detected in the teaching - learning process of Analytical Geometry, a subject that is taught in the Bachelor 's Degree in Mathematics of the University of Holguin. The systematization of the teaching - learning process of Analytical Geometry in the Bachelor 's Degree in Mathematics is presented and a study of the historical evolution of the object investigated with emphasis on the use of virtual learning objects is presented. On the other hand, the computer technologies used are presented, the design proposal of the Virtual Learning Object to ensure an excellent integration with the Moodle platform and a detailed description of each one of its functionalities. Methodological recommendations are presented for its best exploitation and the results achieved during the present investigation are evaluated using expert criteria