Effects of an Intervention Program to improve Self-regulation of Learning in students of an Adult Education Center at Granada (Spain)


  • Francisco Ramón Ballesteros Rueda Sección de Educación Permanente "La Vega". Churriana de la Vega (Granada)
  • Daniel Guerrero-Ramos Consejería de Educación. Junta de Andalucía
  • Manuel G. Jiménez-Torres Universidad de Granada


In the present work, the effects of a program of self-directed learning process are studied in a group of students registered in the teachings of the permanent education of a municipality in the province of Granada. The methodology used is the case study, by means of the application of a questionnaire before and after the carried out intervention and the analysis of the data obtained. As the most outstanding results of this research, it is necessary to highlight, in the first place, that the participant student body experiences a significant advance in all the dimensions of the autoregulated learning in the pretest and postest comparisons; and, in the second place, that the intervention program applied to the participants is revealed effective for the improvement in the process of self-regulation of learning, which leads us to conclude that training in the processes of self-regulation of learning is highly beneficial.