Women and leadership: Controversies in the educational field


  • Mercedes Cuevas López Universidad de Granada
  • Marina García Carmona Universidad de Granada
  • Yasmine Leulmi Universidad de Granada


On the road to political equality between men and women we stop at one of the variables that we consider essential: women's access to leadership and management positions in education and more specifically in the University. We try to focus on the barriers that have hindered the path to match statistics and, on the other hand, we seek to investigate the female leadership style considering it an added value for organizations in education to promote important social changes. Research in the field of educational organization, over the past decade, have made a progress in the search for good practices in management and leadership in educational contexts. At the same time, the studies try to go deeper in the difficulties for women for management. They also try to find if their leadership style affects school success, considering that in education the percentage of female teachers is very representative. Also these studies in recent years moved all these issues to the University field, trying to meet the problems of female University professors to access management positions within a culture that is still very masculine today.