Sociodemographic features and Burnout Syndrome in Childhood Education teacher in the Bay of Cadiz


  • Noemí Serrano Díaz Universidad de Cádiz
  • Rocío Guil Bozal Universidad de Cádiz


Burnout syndrome has become particularly relevant in recent decades due to a large increase in its prevalence in the workplace. This syndrome when suffered by teachers affects the quality of education and therefore in their students. This study examines the prevalence of burnout in a sample of teachers of Early Childhood Education in the Bay of Cadiz (N = 91) and the possible influence that several psychosocial factors perform. To measure the burnout scale the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) is used. Our results show how being female, positions of academic management and the number of components of the family unit act as a protective factor against the burned teacher. With regard to the age, our results reveal that there is a positive and statistically significant correlation with the syndrome (seniority meaning
higher levels of correlation).