Educational practices of inclusive orientation to school failure. Case study


  • José Mª Fernández Batanero Universidad de Sevilla


The European Union has opted for a society of knowledge in Europe and considers that the fight against school failure is one of its main priorities. Indeed, the number of school failure is one of the five fundamental educational objectives to meet face to 2020. Spain is one of the countries affected, as we overcome academic failure of the EU average. The aim of the study is to identify effective practices in education to address the issue of failure amongst pupils in secondary schools. The study follows a descriptive research methodology, designed in the form of a case study. The results indicate the effectiveness of the learning strategies used and the satisfaction and commitment of the teaching staff. The results generated a list of factors which contribute to the development of good practice in education. The conclusions include that learning and teaching strategies aimed at organising, teaching and planning for inclusive education are shown to be real weapons in the fight against early school-leaving. The participation of all the relevant sectors is essential if the school is to see itself as a unit of exchange or a research space which incorporates differentiation into its processes of innovation.