A didactic experience of application of a new method to listen to the music of the 21st century


  • Ana Mª Tornos Culleré IES Binéfar, España
  • Pilar Lago Castro Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia


This article explores the possibility of taking a didactic approach that takes as a starting point harmonies of the 21st century and that consequently raises the teenagers' interest and enables them to feel appreciation for the diverse range of music of today's world. It focuses in the description of the didactic experience of applying a new methodological model of music listening created in the framework of an action research project, which showed promising results. The conditions of the research project, which presented very homogenous groups, made possible the creation of an ad hoc methodology that, using the qualitative analysis, enabled us to explore subtle differences in the listening modalities of students who used the new method and the control group, which didn't follow the new method.