A scale development for vocational high school students’ resistance



In this study, it was aimed to develop scales to measure the resistance of Vocational High School students to lessons. Within the scope of the study, two separate scales were developed for vocational and common courses in Vocational High Schools. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) for scale validity was carried out with the first study group and Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was carried out for the factor structure obtained from EFA with the second study group. The results obtained are reported separately for both scales.

For both scales, three factors were obtained as a result of EFA in the first study group. The variance ratio explained by the three factors indicates that the both scales are suitable in terms of construct validity. For MLÖDÖ-AD, Cronbach's Alpha coefficient for "Claim for Autonomy" factor was 0.95, for "Finding Excuses” was 0.93, for "Avoidance" was 0.93, and for the whole scale the reliability coefficient was 0.97. For MLÖDÖ-OD Cronbach Alpha coefficient for the "Claim for Autonomy" was 0.94, for the “Finding Excuses" was 0.96, for "Avoidance" was 0.95, and the reliability coefficient obtained for the whole scale was 0.98. These results are proof that the reliabilities of both scales are high. When the fit index values ​​for both scales obtained from CFA based on the data of the second study group are examined, it was seen that the three-factor student resistance scale for vocational and common courses has a valid and reliable structure. The CFA results has also shown that the models are compatible.