Assessing the quality of e-learning teaching by lecturers at universities in Vietnam


  • Phuong-Ngoc Nguyen - Institute of Technical Education HCMC University of Technology and Education, Vietnam
  • Van Hung Bui College of Technology II, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam
  • Nang-Nguyen Huu



With the growing popularity of the internet and the continued growth,  universities are focusing more on web-based strategies to deliver higher education (e.g., e-learning). Despite this, very little research on e-learning service quality has been done to test the effectiveness of these efforts. Therefore, we researched two hundred-ten teachers, including 111 men and 99 women, who participated and used the quality of e-learning teaching questionnaires at several  Vietnamese universities. In addition,  we use the t-test and MANOVA test to assess each gender and experience group of the lecture. The results found that regarding the quality of e-learning teaching questionnaires scores, men were found to have higher scores than women. However, the teachers who had gone under the study showed a positive attitude to E-learning quality through lectures, and they would be interested in performing E-learning. Evaluating the quality of e-learning teaching is possible and well received by the lecturers. In addition, the assessment of quality learning helps to improve the system of e-learning at Vietnamese universities.