Different and semantic features of terms


  • Sabina Almammedova Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS)




The terms differ from other word groups by their expression and meaning, utilization opportunities, role of the language in different stylistic areas, the level of understanding of the language carriers. Though that there are different ideas about the term and its essence in the linguistics, there are the problems that wait for solution, because, understood every new notion and concept shall be named by certain language units. Different principles are taken as basis in this naming and different conformities to law are substantiated. Especially, there are certain differences in naming of terms. Thus, as naming is after understanding of the object, the semantic relation between the name and the named object and its essence is taken as basis. So, special naming (nomination) is realized in the terminological area in the process of expression of different scientific technical notions and concepts by terms and appointment of the terms according to their essence, because the meaning of terms is limited by the system of certain scientific-technical knowledge and its meaning is determined in the system of scientific-technical knowledge that they concern.