Semantic adaptation of Arabic loanwords in Turkic languages (based on Oghuz languages)


  • Durdane Rehimzade Moscow State Medical University named after Sechenov



world languages, Arabic loanwords, Turkic languages, Oghuz languages, grammatical differences


One of the main ways to enrich the lexicon of any language is to pick up words from other languages. As in many other world languages, the existence of Arabic loanwords in Turkic languages, including Oghuz languages, is a well-known fact in linguistics. These loanwords have passed through various processes as part of the vocabulary in the languages that contain these for centuries and entered the busiest layers of the language. The type of change depends on the degree of structural and grammatical differences between the language in which the words are spoken and the Arabic language. As Turkic and Arabic are known, they have different structural structures. Words derived from Arabic with an inflected language structure lose many of their features when they are transferred to Turkic languages with an agglutinative language structure. Here you can find many variations on phonetic, lexical, grammatical levels. The article talks about lexical-semantic changes, one of the most important of these changes.