Gaming method as a perspective educational method of teaching English at Pedagogical Institutes


  • Anastasiya S. Martynova
  • Yana N. Poddubnaya School of Education, Far Eastern Federal University (branch) in Ussuriysk, Russia
  • Konstantin S. Kotov
  • Anastasiya A. Slukina
  • Larisa G. Aleksandrova
  • Olga A. Trubich



The purpose of the investigation is to examine the gaming method from the perspective of the
educational paradigm and to identify the potential for its use in higher education. The scientific
novelty of the research consists of systematizing the advantages of using the method of gaming for
educational purposes and of the selection of gaming tools, realizing the didactic principles noted by
the authors of the article. The result of the investigation is the producing of methodological
recommendations set for teachers of pedagogical higher educational establishments, aimed at the
qualitative integration of the gaming method into the educational process and the creation of an
effective environment for teaching students by the gaming system.




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