The specifics of creating foreign language environment as a successful journey in educational process


  • Mykhailo Poplavskyi
  • Yuliia Rybinska
  • Teitana Rozumna
  • Svitlana Pechenizka
  • Teitana Nikolaieva
  • Olga Ivasiv



The relevance of the topic is caused by searching for effective technologies and instruments of both
psychological and pedagogical spheres in the field of methodology of teaching foreign languages in
the higher educational establishments of Ukraine. It is based on the purpose to reach more
productivity and results in mastering English by students for making them demanded specialists in
modern multicultural world.
The main attention is focused on the problem of creating foreign language environment in
educational process. The purpose of using this teaching approach is to increase students’ motivation
to study foreign languages, reveal their communicator’s creative potential, and overcome possible
psychological and language barriers during the process of gaining all the necessary skills in foreign
language communicative competence, which is based on developing speaking skills due to practice in
real-life circumstances.
The article reflects the problematic of such concepts as: “communicative competence”, “foreign
language communicative competence”, “educational environment”, “foreign language educational
environment”. The main components and functions of communicative competence are distinguished,
as well as the key competences that form foreign language communicative competence to analyze the
specifics of creating foreign language environment in educational process.
The research proves that learning foreign language is not only knowledge of lexical and grammatical
structure of a language, but it is also necessary to solve the problem of removing psychological and
cultural barriers and shocks that always arise in the process of entering a new linguistic and cultural
environment community. And creating foreign language educational environment, as a teaching
approach if made appropriately, is able to lead to real improving students’ success at gaining or
developing foreign language communicative competence.