The Infinite Value of Art in The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt


  • Yuliia Rybinska
  • Nataliia Sarnovska
  • Maryna Antonivska
  • Oksana Stebaieva
  • Maryna Mykolaienko
  • Anastasia Kuznietsova



art; artworks, philosophy of art, value, being, aesthetics, catharsis


Since antiquity, art has been a universal way of concrete-sensual expression of non-verbalized spiritual experience, primarily aesthetic, one of the main, essential, along with religion, components of сulture, as a uniquely creative and productive spiritual and practical human activity. In this article, the authors demonstrate its influence and power on the life and attitude of a person. In the process of
analyzing the novel The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, the authors show that art helps people to discover more of themselves, to realize themselves, to go into their inner world – the world of their ideas and dreams. It helps to break away from reality as it is and get into a completely different, opposite world. Tartt’s novel demonstrates that by being associated with art, people can taste immortality. The article aims to demonstrate the undeniable power of art based on the analysis of the novel, to show that art has unlimited value because it is not just a decoration or addition to life, but a part of existence, the sense of life. On the basis of a detailed examination of the novel, the authors make conclusions that the role of art is invaluable in human life.