Blogosphere, Legal Education And Culture Of Individuals


  • Kerimov Alexander Alievich



blogosphere, Internet blogger, media sphere, legal culture, educational potential, audience


The article is devoted to forming and developing the legal culture of a person and a citizen in modern Russia. The relevance of this issue is due to the complexity of the transformation processes taking place in Russia, which began in the late 80s of the twentieth century. The article aims to identify the significance of the blogosphere as a new element of mass media in the educational structure for the formation of legal culture and public perception of this phenomenon. The article is based on the theoretical developments of Russian and international researchers. The article is based on general philosophical and socio-humanitarian methods. The work used empirical data obtained from open sources. The study showed that blogging in modern Russia has become a mass phenomenon in recent years, but it is impossible to name the exact number of bloggers. There are many bloggers, but only a few of them have many subscribers to their channels. According to various estimates, 21% of Russians regularly post on social networks and maintain their accounts. Among this percentage of Russians, only about 6-7 thousand professional bloggers earn enough money in the field. The leading platforms for bloggers' activities are mainly YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Zen, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Telegram, Tik-Tok, while some bloggers have their Internet pages. Having such a platform and covering massive strata and groups, the blogosphere has massive potential for disseminating legal culture. As a result, the study led to the following conclusions. The blogosphere as a new format of the media space is of great importance in disseminating information, influencing the formation of
human behavior and legal culture. The blogosphere can spread socially significant knowledge, helping to acquire a specific set of knowledge and skills to form the legal culture of a modern person.