Approach Healthy Life-Style In Pandemii


  • Opletin A.A.
  • Panachev V.D.
  • Ponomarev N.L.
  • Kusykova R.F.
  • Zelenin L.A.
  • Legotkin A.N.
  • Legotkina L.R.



healthy life-style, physical culture, sport, students


The analysis of the results of students’ health and healthy life-style problems study has been presented in the article. The role of physical culture and of the department of physical culture in this process has been determined. The ways of university’s educational environments resources stirring up for this problem solution have been outlined. Still in high antiquity doctors and philosophers
believed that it couldn’t be possible to be healthy without physical exercises. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato called movement as “salutary part of medicine”, while writer and historian Plutarch – as “storehouse of life”. Do we always apply efforts in order this “storehouse” be full? Unfortunately, it is not so. Man appears to be farther and farther from physical labour to the extent of
his development. Thus, previously the share of manual labour in manufacturing products amounted to 95%, while steam engines and pack animals where used only for 5% of production. Today in the age of scientific-technological progress large-scale utilization of manual labour has been practically disappeared and there has been opened the door for the so called “diseases of the century”. Many
people try to fully protect themselves against physical activity. They think that the less physical activity the healthier they become. Many students try to make their physical activity less thereby breaking their health. In any ways they try to obtain health certificates in order not to attend physical culture lessons and practically in all cases they get moral support of parents and what is the worst of