The Mechanism Of Employing The Theoretical Approach In Scientific Research


  • Nadra Milat Laboratory for the Study and Analysis of Social Problems in Algeria., Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University Mohamed El Bachir El ibrahimi, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Algeria



Approach, Theory, Theoretical Approach, Scientific Research.


In the field of sociology, researchers require a theoretical approach when conducting scientific research due to its significant importance in laying the foundation for understanding the studied phenomenon. Many students and researchers inquire about the most suitable approach that contributes to providing the research with a conceptual model and intellectual and ideological frameworks. These frameworks support the researcher in the process of analysis and interpretation of the research topic, aiming to achieve logical sequence and methodological coherence throughout each stage of the research. Consequently, this article aims to explore the theoretical approach and its application in scientific research in the social sciences, relying on the following elements:
1) Concepts and meanings; 2) The relationship between theory and scientific research; 3) Why we need a theoretical approach in scientific research?; 4) Employing the theoretical approach in scientific research; 5) How to formulate the theoretical approach in the theoretical aspect.