Use patterns video game and its relationship with a school sedentary behavior population and university


  • Manuel Castro Sánchez Universidad de Granada
  • Asunción Martínez Martínez Universidad de Granada
  • Félix Zurita Ortega Universidad de Granada
  • Ramón Chacón Cuberos Universidad de Granada
  • Tamara Espejo Garcés Universidad de Granada
  • Ángel Cabrera Fernández Universidad de Granada


Physical inactivity is one of the main problems that today's society, which in the past two decades has led to a new dimension known as "technological sedentary" to replace the free time spent on physical activity by using faces TV, computer and game consoles. Therefore the aim of knowing sedentary habits and patterns of use and consumption of video games on school and university population, checking whether there are significant differences according to the sex and educational level arises. The sample consisted of 155 individuals with an age range between 10 and 27 years,  belonging to the educational stages ofPrimary, Secondary and University. Data were collected with a sociodemographic questionnaire, sedentary behaviors and digital entertainment. The main results of the study show that half of the study population does not use video games and those who play do mostly one or two days a week. Almost all subjects studied have console, and more than half have three or more devices. They prefer shooting games, sports, puzzle and action type.







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