Victimization in Adolescence: Evaluation by gender, school and place of residence


  • Félix Zurita Ortega Universidad de Granada
  • José María Vilches Aznar Universidad de Granada
  • Asunción Martínez Martínez Universidad de Granada
  • Virginia Viciana Garófano Universidad de Granada
  • Rosario Padial Ruz Universidad de Granada
  • Antonio José Pérez Cortes Universidad de Granada


This study aims to analyze and establish the rates of victimization and its possible relationship with sociodemographic variables in adolescents 13-16 years of Granada (Spain). The participation of a total of 2,273 adolescents allowed the registration and evaluation of the Victimization variables (scale of Victimization at School), Type of School (or Concerted Public/Private), Gender, Place of Residence and Age. The results showed that this study are characterized by higher rates of victimization among adolescents living outside of the family, belonging to aided schools/private, similar by gender and age, also noted that physical type of victimization is more common in males and relational in women, and for all parameters analyzed using regression, the type of school affects more on verbal and physical victimization and gender in relational type. The main conclusion indicated the need to explore further the adolescent population in an attempt to elucidate the casuistry of these results, and implement programs to try to reduce aggressive behavior and potential victims of schools.







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