Use of the holistic model for training evaluation in a preschool teacher training


  • Elke Elisabeth Eugenia Kleinert-Altamira Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Pilar Pineda-Herrero Autonomous University of Barcelona


The present article is a case study which evaluated the transfer of training during a teacher training in a preschool institution in Mexico City. It was taken by preschool educators, teachers and assistants, using the holistic model for training evaluation. The method adopted was the evaluative research and two different instruments were applied. Quantitative, the survey; and qualitative, the semi-structure interview. The obtained data came from three different agents: preschool educators, their principal and the trainers. The results were analyzed trilaterally and show a positive transfer of training from the educators, mainly blocked by the lack of time to introduce new changes to their teaching practice and possibly, due to the absence of support from their principal. Trainers think that regular follow ups are necessary to maintain the transfer of training. For its part, the principal observed that educators with long experience in the field were the less ones with an intention to do a transfer. This research, following the results in Mexico, arrives to the main conclusion that the evaluation of the transfer of training from teachers’ trainings in preschool education is incipient. Thus, suggesting that new researches are necessary to consolidate the effectiveness and impact on this type of evaluation.




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