Practice of using GoToMeeting/Zoom in the study of foreign languages


  • Olena Konotop
  • Oksana Bykonia Academy of the State Penitentiary Service
  • Bondar Oleksandra
  • Shevchenko Yuliia
  • Nataliia Kasianchuk


ZOOM, GoToMitting, Foreign Language, Language Learning, Distance Learning


The aim of the study was to analyse the perception of using GoToMitting and ZOOM when learning foreign languages by students of different majors. The article analyses the answers of respondents and reveals a number of patterns between the perception of the practice of using GoToMitting and ZOOM by students majoring in philology and students of other majors. The study involved general scientific methods. Survey was chosen as the method of interviewing respondents. Statistics were processed using the average input value method and the Mann-Whitney test. The theoretical background for the questionnaire was the Davis technology acceptance model. The survey was conducted remotely. The results of the study showed an uneven subjective perception of the introduction of distance learning methods by students in both focus groups. However, according to an objective assessment of the level of students’ knowledge, both groups showed high efficiency of the practice of using GoToMitting and ZOOM in learning foreign languages. The article also presents the criteria that students have identified as necessary when learning a foreign language using GoToMitting and ZOOM. In general, the use of this software allowed raising the level of knowledge of a foreign language both among students majoring in philology and among students of other majors. The search for optimal methods and models of using this software to increase the effectiveness of teaching foreign language is considered the field for further research.