Research on Experiential Japanese Training Methods At Universities in Ho Chi Minh City


  • Huynh Tan Hoi FPT University


education, Japanese language, students, experiential education


In the context that Vietnam and Japan are maintaining and strongly developing a good and comprehensive relationship in all fields, it is required that the Japanese-language workforce must have high professional qualifications and be able to compete with other markets from other countries in Vietnam in general and in Ho Chi Minh City in particular. The problem is that it is necessary to have new educational methods to help Japanese language students become interested in theoretical professional knowledge, create interest in learning, and above all, create opportunities to experience with future jobs so that students can have the right orientation later. The survey was conducted at two universities offering Japanese language training in Ho Chi Minh City. Research results show that this method is gradually being applied to training programs at the above schools, but it still does not bring the spirit of an experiential class due to difficulties in choosing content and form of training appropriate to the situation. This study aims to research on experiential Japanese training methods and propose some measures to apply to training programs of students studying Japanese language at universities in Ho Chi Minh City.