The level of school leadership awareness about education for sustainable development


  • Tajuddin Sharar University of Chitral
  • Sadruddin Bahadur Qutoshi Assistant Professor, Karakorum International University, Pakistan



Teachers’ Awareness; Education for Sustainable Development; Environmental Sustainability, Resource Preservation, Inter-generational Equity


The research study was carried out to explore secondary schools head teachers’ awareness of Sustainable Development (SD) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Within the qualitative paradigm, a case study approach was employed to develop a deeper understanding of the case by gathering detailed responses from participants employing criterion-purposive sampling technique. The data were collected through interviews and focus group discussion with four purposefully selected head teachers who extended their willingness to participate in the study. Member checking was undertaken in order to validate accuracy and credibility of the data and findings of the study. The findings revealed that the head teachers demonstrated awareness of SD in terms of environmental sustainability, resource preservation, inter-generational equity and attainment of desirable future. The participants described ESD as education model for developing students’ knowledge and preparing them for participation in local and global activities carried out for SD.