Impact of Pedagogical Innovation on the Development of Entrepreneurial Mindset Among Students in Economics and Management


  • Siham El Atmani University Ibn tofail
  • Cheklkbire Malanine Ibn Tofail University
  • Zineb El Atmani Abdelmalek Essaadi University
  • Mourad Madrane Abdelmalek Essaadi University



Pedagogical innovation, entrepreneurial mindset, economics, management, higher education


This article highlights the significance of pedagogical innovation in fostering entrepreneurial mindset among students in economics and management. Recent studies have shown that entrepreneurship education programs and innovative pedagogical approaches can promote the development of entrepreneurial skills and encourage students to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option. The integration of hands-on projects, internships in startups, and university incubators enables students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real entrepreneurial environment. In Morocco and other countries, higher education institutions recognize the importance of promoting entrepreneurial mindset among students in economics and management. However, adaptations to local specificities and consideration of constraints related to access to funding and administrative regulations are necessary. By investing in innovative pedagogical approaches and supporting students' entrepreneurial initiatives, higher education institutions can contribute to economic development, innovation, and prepare future entrepreneurs to successfully navigate the challenges of the business world.