La educación de los jóvenes. Una tarea social compartida (Reflexiones en voz alta de un educador en lo extremo)


  • Emilio Crisol Moya Universidad de Granada


It's becoming increasingly frequent hearing assertions such as "don't touch me or I'll sue you", "don't look me in the eyes", "don't go through my drawers", "don't read my mail", "don't listen to my conversations", "don't touch my hard drive", "because I'll sue you". And many parents live under the menace of "or I'll sue you" (page 65), and after these statements we may ask: Do parents have to confront this kind of situations nowadays? Are parents supported by authorities in these situations? What are more important: the youngsters' rights, or the parents' faculties? Do parents only have duties towards their children? Or do they also have rights? As for the youngsters: do they only have rights, as authorities and media make us see? Or do they have obligations or duties? And finally, what is more important or what does society value? Are parents prepared and trained for being parents?