Truncation and trimming in Ukrainian theoretical derivatology


  • Iryna Denysovets
  • Kateryna Horodenska
  • Tetyana Nikolashyna
  • Iryna Pavlova


truncation, fixed method of creation, rederivation, elision, trimming.


The relevance of the proposed study is due to the need to fully trace the formation of a system of terms to define the concept of «cutting off» the phonemic end or a certain part of the creative basis in the process of forming new words in the Ukrainian language, which will contribute to the terminological ordering in Ukrainian derivatology. The article investigates the formation of the terms truncation and trimming in Ukrainian derivatology, the influence of the corresponding terms of Russian derivatology on this process was noted. The correlation of the term «truncation» to numerous terms in different periods of development of linguistics was characterized. We paid special attention to those based on the clipping (rejection) of the part of the creative basis, accompanied by phonetic changes and without them, in particular with such as the affix-free (suffix-free) method of creation, rederivation (inverse word formation), zero suffixation, elision, apocope, telescopy, etc. The characteristic features of two terminological units at the present stage of development of Ukrainian derivatology were singled out: truncation as a morphological phenomenon and trimming as an independent way of word formation. It was found that truncation of the creative basis is possible not only during affixation, but also in the absence of any affixes in derived words. We can observe this phenomenon in the creation of complex words of different types. It is called an abbreviation truncation of bases or an abbreviation type of abbreviation, on the basis of which the abbreviation type of word formation was distinguished. Alternatively, we can call it an abbreviation, the essence of which is the formation of the word-abbreviation due to the reduction of words of the corresponding nominative phrase. The tendency of the term elision to function has been traced, in particular, it has been found out that this term has not become widely used in Ukrainian word formation, obviously because the phenomenon it causes is not very characteristic of word-forming acts of the Ukrainian language.







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